Swinging Safari

Now that you have bid farewell to the King and his lovely garden, it's time to explore what the other Creator Curators of LittleBigPlanet have to offer. Next up is something really hot - The Savannah. This section is brought to you by the fearsome lion, Zola. Select the Swinging Safari Seal from your Pod and get ready for some fun in the sun!


[edit] Rewards List


  • Stripy Lycra
  • Zebra
  • Cat Eyes
  • Cork Hat
  • Zebra Head
  • Cute Lion Ears
  • Lion Mask
  • Scary Fangs
  • Lion's Mane
  • Lion Nose
  • Lion's Tail
  • Zebra Tail


  • Horror Face
  • Fluffy Tree
  • Stylized Antelope
  • Grin Face
  • Voodoo Face
  • Zebra Skin Pattern


  • Submarine Launcher
  • Large Drum
  • Giraffe & Tree
  • Jumping Ape
  • Hanging Ape
  • Wobbly Ape
  • Big Crab Claw
  • Octopus Tentacle
  • Orange Boar Fish
  • Mean Piranha
  • Giraffe & Tree & Platform
  • Banana
  • Bird Wing


  • Orange Foliage
  • Beaded Fabric
  • Blue Fabric
  • Leather & Beaded Wood


  • Butterfly
  • Sharp Tooth
  • Starfish
  • Orange & Blue Fish
  • Red Green Leaf
  • Red Brown Leaf
  • Orange African Mask
  • Barnacle
  • Bunny Ear
  • Large Peacock Feather
  • Peacock Feather
  • Seahorse
  • Grey African Mask
  • Seaweed
  • Shield 2
  • Brown African Mask
  • Sea Shell
  • Pink Fish


  • "Tapha Nang*

[edit] Level Complete Gifts


  • Pink Fashion Sunglasses
  • Green Daisy

[edit] Collected All Gifts


  • The Savannah Concept


  • The Savannah Concept with Frame

[edit] Aced Level Gifts


  • Ringmaster Jacket

[edit] Walkthrough - First Run

The stages in the Savannah feel like they can be completed in a much brisker time than what's in The Gardens. However, prepare for some challenging grabs.

Launch the submarine out of the prop water and as soon as you're able to get out of it, drop down and head as far left for two prize bubbles. Passing the stern monkey, collect your new sets of clothing parts, another prize bubble and pass the No Entry point and a checkpoint.

Get behind the first giraffe before continuing for a prize bubble. Now when it dips its head down, get on it and head to the right before going to the next giraffe. Collect a prize bubble. Also past the next giraffe is another prize bubble. Once more, use its neck to reach the next checkpoint and an easy prize.

This slightly perilous giraffe is above a bed of spikes. Get on its neck but ride it all the way up. Grab the monkey's arm to swing to left for more prize bubbles. Resume rightward past the giraffe for the next checkpoint. After this are three monkeys with outstretched arms for you to grab on. Remember to let go and grab again really quickly to proceed. Hit the next checkpoint.

Grab onto the another monkey arm and land on a branch. There's a prize bubble up on a higher branch. Fortunately, the branch you're on acts like a lever so jump on its edge and use the momentum to jump on the branch and get to the lower branch. When you reach the giraffe, get under its legs and move to the background plane so that when you move to the right, you're behind a prop tree. Head right to a prize bubble under the checkpoint and get back to the foreground. This giraffe is lazy so you need to grab onto its head to propel up. Let go and head left on the long branch and make two jumps for more prize bubbles. Return back to the giraffe for the next checkpoint.

Grab onto another giraffe head. There is a checkpoint here that leads to the 2-player area but you can't grab anything alone. The giraffe above the happy drum has prize bubbles under it. Use its head to propel yourself up once more and head left for a lone prize. Pass the next checkpoint.

Jump above the checkpoint and head all the way left past the monkey. When you get back up, grab the monkey arm to get a lift up and head right for more prize bubbles. Return to the checkpoint and cross two monkeys to another checkpoint.

Three stupid monkeys are putting their bare furry monkey butts on fire. As soon as they rise up, jump over the fire. Past the third monkey is a prize bubble under Zola. Reach Zola and get an audio prize. Grab the next monkey arm and hold as far as to the right for another prize BUT DO NOT LET GO. Return left to the large happy drum and drop in front of it for another prize. Drop down for a checkpoint and a race marker.

A line of buffalo are going against you and if you get caught up you get can knocked out by not escaping. Drop down to the frontmost plane to easily bypass them but halfway you'll see a lone prize bubble that you need to get with a buffalo. Head to the right for another monkey arm. Get on it and head left into the tree branches and grab all the prize bubbles you see. Reach the next checkpoint. Swing across two monkeys for the finish line and the end of the stage.

[edit] Walkthrough - Repeat Runs

[edit] Ace the Stage!

  • Monkeys - Practically every time you see a monkey, they're usually near a bed of spikes or trying to push you into fire. All the grabbing that's done is good practice on learning to grab properly.
  • The Buffalo - Do not get caught up on the exit point for the buffalo or you'll die.
  • Avoid side paths - You do not need to go through any side paths. Makes the trip through the stage shorter.

[edit] Switch Triggers

  • Past the first checkpoint, past the first giraffe - Simply walk on this giraffe's body to the right and you'll see the cardboard for a Rose sticker.
  • Past the eighth checkpoint, under Zola and the happy drums - Place the sticker for the Toy Donkey. I honestly don't know what that thing is. Why The King would have royal donkeys is beyond me. I wrote them as horses in The Gardens. Whatever, it's red, it's ungulate (look it up), and it's A TOY.

Oh, and from the looks of things, you should be able to get these switch triggers on the first go so you should be able to technically pass and ace the stage in a single run. Add a 100% completion to that if you're with a buddy.

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