Skate to Victory

Evening has fallen upon The Gardens, but that doesn't mean it's time to rest - there are still plenty of goodies to uncover and things to discover.

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[edit] Rewards List


  • Cloth Leaf
  • Leaf
  • Pink Springy Star


  • Big Green Bird
  • Bingo
  • Blue Knight
  • Blue Postcards
  • Brick Wall Sketch
  • Chips Logo
  • Cotton Wheel
  • Crazy Sign
  • Fancy Swirls
  • Golf Logo
  • Green Castle Flag
  • Green Doodle
  • Green Finish
  • Green Start
  • Green Submarine
  • King of Hearts
  • King Stamp
  • King's Head
  • Neon Kababs
  • Pixel Fish Blue
  • ROFL
  • Scary Ghost
  • Sketch Bricks
  • Start Text
  • Thick Sketch Bricks
  • Tudor Tower
  • Vince Meat Pie
  • Wheel of Fun
  • Yellow Crest
  • Yellow Danke
  • Yellow Star


  • Birdy of String
  • Blue Star Light
  • Cardboard Castle
  • Dumpty
  • Ghost on String
  • Green Star Light
  • Large Flag
  • Mushroom Tree
  • Pinwheel
  • Red Star Light
  • Rocking Glass
  • Silver Fork
  • Silver Knife
  • Skateboard
  • Water Wheel
  • Windmill
  • Wobbly Tree


  • Camera Tool


  • "Get it Together"
  • "Skipping Syratki" by Kenneth Young


  • Funny Face Glasses

[edit] Level Complete Gifts


  • Bunny Tail


  • The Gardens

[edit] Collected All Gifts


  • Very Early LittleBigPlanet Concept


  • Early LittleBigPlanet' Concept with Frame

[edit] Aced Level Gifts


  • Pirate Hat

[edit] Walkthrough - First Run

The final stage tests your understanding of the game's physics and evading some "enemies".

Head right and grab onto the bird to be lifted up. You will be met with three windmills with a checkpoint under each of them should you be totally new to this platformer business. Grab one of the windmill spokes and let go so that you are launched at around the 5 o'clock/4:30 portion. On the third windmill, you must especially do this as there are prize bubbles waiting for you. You don't need to land on the platform as approaching it will cause it to collapse. Drop to the bottom while holding to the right and make your way through the mess to grab a potential prize bubble under the rubble. Go as far as next to the revolving cardboard for the Yellow Star to get your prize bubbles and get back up to the fourth checkpoint.

Another revolving spoke. And each segment between spokes contains a prize bubble. Collect them all and head right to another bird to lift you up. Checkpoint five is here but head to the left instead. Another bird is here for you to grab on so get on it and hold to the left to find two prize bubbles. Return to the fifth checkpoint and meet The Queen once more. You get the Camera Tool here. Procced to checkpoint six.

Dumpty's next to a jetpack (yes, he is breakable once more) so grab the jetpack and head to the northwest. Three prize bubbles reside in the trees. Return to where Dumpty sat and you'll have a puzzle to solve: You see a pile of yellow cylinders and directly above them is a box with a cylinder already in place. Grab two cylinders and place them into the box for a door to lower and to keep going. Remember to keep pressing X to speed up the process. Once you're past the door, remove your jetpack by pressing Circle/Cancel button and pass checkpoint seven.

It's a shoe. And it can squash you. Get on the shoe and use its lift to grab a prize bubble. Go to checkpoint eight.

Past checkpoint eight are the faux enemies of the castle, ghosts. These ghosts are undefeatable and no matter which of the three planes you reside on, it will mean death for your Sackboy. Anyway, these ghosts only move up and down so carefully move the sponge to the leftmost platform and jump to the button. Wait for the ghost on the right to lower itself to grab a prize bubble. Proceed to checkpoint nine.

A lone ghost and another sponge cube is here. This time, make sure the sponge doesn't get too far under the bottom-most platform or you can't proceed. Also, while there is a single ghost here, it covers more ground so stop and watch where it is going. Get the prize bubble to the left of the platforms, hit the button, and ride the shoe up. Go up the platforms for checkpoint ten and hit the button to lower another shoe.

Ride the shoe up and be careful of the next ghost because it covers its ground and moves a bit more quicker. Watch before you leap and go to checkpoint eleven.

Grab the nearby sticker that leads into the 2-player area and get on the platforms. Another ghost is above these and he's covering ground so be extra careful because this is a likely spot to die. Use the higher of the two platforms to launch yourself up to the left for two more prize bubbles. Remember how you did it because you're coming back here. Proceed to the right, avoiding the ghost, and you'll see a shoe kicking a sponge on a lever. Get the bubble on the shoe and get on the sponge. Drop to checkpoint twelve.

Grab the tiny sponge all the way down to make a platform drop. Head right for checkpoint thirteen and a race! Knock off Dumpty for point bubbles. You might want to PULL the skateboard from the right here. When it's gathered enough momentum, get on it and ride on down to the finish. But who says you're finished? Drag the skateboard to the left and you'll find a Little Xim challenge key. Ditch the skateboard and head left for two more prize bubbles. Then go ALL the way left under the huge ramp for about a 20-second walk for a lone silly sticker and some applause for your efforts. Another 20-second-ish walk back and you're out of the ramp. Continue past the finish line with your rewards from The Queen and that friggin' Yellow Star sticker from the bird. Another mysterious checkpoint, some praise from The King and you're done. Time to go back to Get a Grip and get your stuff!

[edit] Walkthrough - Repeat Runs

[edit] Ace the Stage!

  • The windmills - Again, take care with these and make sure you're launched with some horizontal momentum, not vertical.
  • The ghosts - Especially the last ones that are moving fast and sideways. Make sure they're starting to move away from where you need to go and begin. Once you're past the two quick piston-like platforms, you're home free.

[edit] Switch Triggers

  • At the start of the stage, to the left - Right when you start, head to the left for the Yellow Star cardboard. The prize bubbles land in the teacups.
  • Below the fourth checkpoint - Traverse left of this checkpoint to the bottom and arrive to the left of the revolving Yellow Star cardboard. Prize bubbles will hang near you.
  • Above checkpoint six, in the trees - Using the jetpack near Dumpty, head to the trees above checkpoint six to place a Yellow Star sticker. Remove the jetpack to acquire the bubbles easier.
  • Checkpoint ten, above the shoe lift - Hold on a second. This sticker, while it is hard to place, is not acquired by usual means. This is apparently acquired through the tutorials in the level creator so take a break from playing and go do the tutorials. If you have no creative spirit, then go do some of these tutorials. You'll surely fire up that spirit. Anyway, back to the lift. It's best that you try to get on top of the shoe and open up your Popit. Try to align the Red Lion Emblem as best as you can to place it. Bubbles will fall from the ceiling.
  • WAY above checkpoint eleven, launching from the two elevator platforms - Between checkpoint eleven and the 2-player area are the fast piston-like platforms. Use the higher of the platforms to launch yourself to the left, taking care not to launch into the annoying ghost here (it really is). Your Yellow Star sticker is required.

(Credit to Absolute Steve and his FAQ at GameFAQs for acquiring the Red Lion Emblem:

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