SackboyHappy.jpgSackboy in all his sacky glory

[edit] General

Sackboy is one of two main characters in the LittleBigPlanet game (the other being Sackgirl) that can be customised in ways you can choose. Sackboy and sackgirl are the only controllable characters in the game.

[edit] Customisability

You can customise Sackboy in a large amount of ways, by changing his clothes, how his face looks like with the directional buttons: up for happy, down for sad, right for angry and left for nervous. If you press the directional buttons up to 3 times in any direction you can emphasize the emotion associated with that directional button. You can also move the head and body with the six-axis controllers and you can move the arms with the left and right sticks when you hold down L2 and R2. You can also download costumes and you can get special costumes by pre-ordering the game from your local game store or buying the Downloadable Content found on the PlayStation Network.

[edit] Bubble Obsession

Sackboy and Sackgirl love bubbles. They go through the deepest jungle, off the highest cliff for them. And when collected in quick succession, the value multiplies. Bubbles are usually in plain sight, but sometimes you have to go through tricky obstacles to get them.There are also Trophies for if you recieve 2x Multiplier, 8x Multiplier and 20x Multiplier.

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