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[edit] Basics

[edit] Controls

[edit] Goodies Bag

This is the home for your collected items, from your materials to story items to your created items all the way to community items. You get story items from story levels in prize bubbles. The same as community items, but you get them in community levels.

The first page is the materials. You will need them if you want to build things. There are so many, and you can seperate them by type (wood, glass, etc), by theme (what theme you got them from, or DLC), and in chronological order.

The second page is the collected items. You get them in story levels. You will find them in prize bubbles, like I said before.

The third page is the my items page. This is where your saved objects go.

The fourth page is community items. This is where the collected objects from community levels go.

[edit] Walkways and Ramps

[edit] Gadgets

[edit] Dangers

[edit] Audio

[edit] Creatures

[edit] Jet Packs

[edit] Racing Kits

[edit] Camera Controls

[edit] Vehicles

[edit] Creator Curators

[edit] Themes

[edit] Bridging Sections

[edit] Keys

[edit] Ending

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