Get a Grip

It's time to delve deeper into The Gardens, and learn some exciting and fun new things while there. Our friend the King is here to give your sackperson a quick lesson on the finer mechanics of grabbing.


[edit] Rewards List


  • Black Crown Outline
  • Blue Monkey
  • Castle Sketch Window
  • English Rose
  • Gold Club Bottom
  • Grass Rough Doodle
  • Green Castle Banner
  • Leaf Doodle
  • Moody Cloud
  • Noughts & Crosses
  • Orange Flowers
  • Red Flowers
  • Red Mushroom
  • Sun Doodle
  • Tea Pot
  • Tudor House
  • Tudor View
  • Victorian Man Sketch
  • Wooden Steed


  • Dark Green Wood
  • Grass
  • Green Check Denim
  • Gray Tweed
  • Orange Floral Fabric


  • Sticker and Decoration Edit Tool


  • Blue Moon
  • Cheering Crowd
  • Curly Cloud
  • Fancy Cloud
  • Gold Tea Cup
  • Hovel
  • Large Wooden Steed
  • Loose Cloud
  • Mushroom Block
  • Oak Tree
  • Round Cloud
  • Seesaw
  • Small Flag
  • Small Wooden Steed
  • Smart Hovel
  • Snail Shell
  • Soccer Ball
  • Tall Tree
  • Tower
  • Twisty Cloud


  • Donkey Tail
  • Eye Spring
  • Orange Flower
  • Pink Flower
  • Purple Flower

[edit] Level Completed Gifts


  • Happy Eyes
  • Pink Cat Nose

[edit] Collected All Gifts


  • The Fairy Tale Concept with Frame

[edit] Aced Level Gifts


  • Pirate Shorts
  • Pirate Waistcoat

[edit] Walkthrough - First Run

This level introduces the grabbing mechanic. If you've messed with the revolving spoke from First Steps, you'll note LittleBigPlanet has a physics element. This is important to take note as it'll be key to survival from here on.

Spawn next to The King who explains pressing the R1 trigger button makes your Sackboy avatar grab hold onto items. Not ANY items, mind you. Only certain object materials will allow Sackboy to grab on. It's pretty obvious most of the time. Anyway, tricky players can climb on a house and on The King to get the sticker to the left and to the right. If you can't get them here, the opportunity comes in a few seconds. To the right of The King is a sponge cube, one of the many grabbed objects in the game. The sponge yellow color is prevalent all over LBP so if you spot it, it's meant to be grabbed in nearly all cases. Move the sponge to the right and jump over the brick wall. Now you have a white block labeled with the R1 trigger and another smaller sponge block. Move the R1 and sponge blocks to the left to grab the stickers at the beginning of the stage. Move them right to proceed to the level. Passing the No Entry point, you have a triangular wedge of styrofoam. Move it to the right slightly, step on the wedge's left side so that the right curved corner is pointing upwards and then completely move the wedge to the right to pass the brick wall. Pass the checkpoint.

The Tea Pot sticker can be used on the Tea Pot cardboard located above the first checkpoint. Pull the toy horse and ride it down the hill, jumping for a sticker. Pass the next checkpoint.

The next Toy Horse informs you to repeatedly press the Action Button (X) while pulling an object to pull it faster. Push/Pull the Toy Horse to the right to be able to jump over a wall. Let the bubbles guide you to another checkpoint.

Push the green cube to the lowest point of the curved indent to reach the next platform. Move the Toy Horse to the left into the indent and jump up once more. Jump off the left side to grab the sticker and climb back up. Before moving the next Toy Horse, push the block into the gap and then move the Toy Horse rightward. Once you reach the bottom of the hill, head to the left for more stickers. You might have noticed by now that pushing and pulling things with wheels with enough strength will produce some momentum for the objects to go alone. Take note. Jump up the wall for a checkpoint.

Another lethal challenge! Jump on the sponges hanging from the tree. Now, either hold left or right and Sackboy/Sackgirl will tread their legs for some momentum till they can't go any further and they will swing to the opposite direction. When you need to grab onto the next sponge, firstly make sure you're as close as you can to it. Let go of the sponge and quickly press R1 again to grab the next sponge. Swing to the right for another check point.

More physics puzzles, now with see-saws. Step on the opposite side to raise the side you need to progress to. Personally, I've found NOT jumping while going towards the needed side works better than jumping for two reasons: one, there is no extra acceleration or speed boost of any kind when jumping. You only get that if you were jumping off a moving platform. Second, since it is a physics-based game, your jump DOES add extra weight for a moment, like jumping in real life. So if you jump and land anywhere past halfway, you will make that side of the see-saw drop sooner. Just RUN up the see-saw and jump from as close as the edge as you possibly can. The next see-saw tests your understanding of the game's physics as a sticker hangs nearly out of reach. Remember: run, don't jump. Heading up and left we see some plush blocks that you can climb on. The trees to the left are meant to be tread upon so jump and explore there. The prop clouds can also be walked upon. Go back to where the plush blocks are and continue to a new checkpoint.

Meet Little Xim. He introduces you to the key-shaped items that unlock score and survival challenges. Run up the see-saw to the swinging sponge and grab the key, which is actually a survival challenge. You may find it odd that the little face is different than Little Xim. That would be Big Xam, who represents survival challenges. Little Xim shows up in score challenges. Anywho, proceed right for a checkpoint.

Syke! I forgot that this is another level that requires a sticker to continue. Unfortunately, the game is slightly hiding the sticker you need. Open your Pop-It to the Stickers sub-menu and press R1 to go the next page. The Donkey Tail sticker trigger is here. Place the Donkey Tail on the large donkey. DON'T GET ON THE LARGE DONKEY YET. Backtrack to The Queen and go behind her. An elusive prize bubble is innocently overlooked here. Grab onto the large yellow sponge that's on the side of the donkey and repeatedly press X to have it go forward. Ride it down and use the large donkey to grab stickers. Proceed to the right to complete the level.

[edit] Walkthrough - Repeat Runs

[edit] Ace the Stage!

  • The stage's only hazard is the so-called water after the fourth checkpoint. Other than that, nothing can really hurt you...unless you force yourself to get squished somehow. It'd have to be pretty intentional.

[edit] Switch Triggers

  • At the Beginning of the level, up and left of the spawn point: Either jump up through the R1 block or The King and you'll see the Yellow Star cardboard.
  • Right next to the first Checkpoint: It's next to the Tea Pot cardboard.
  • After the first Checkpoint, on a tree: Following the first Checkpoint is the Toy Horse thing. While riding the Toy Horse, you go down two slopes with a flat portion inbetween. When you reach this flat portion, jump to the right towards a tree. You are able to walk on it. Go right on top of these trees for a Yellow Star cardboard.
  • After the fifth Checkpoint, past the See-Saws: Jump off the second see-saw to the next platform with several green plush cubes and you'll see the Yellow Star cardboard above them.
  • After the fifth Checkpoint, past the Green Plush Cubes: From the last cardboard, use the plush cubes to jump on the trees to the left (the topmost cube might fall off but it is not necessary to make the jump). Head left to the prop clouds for another Yellow Star sticker.
  • After the seventh Checkpoint, riding the Big Toy Horse: Ride the huge toy horse down the hill and after the first slope jump, get off between the grandstands. The final Yellow Star cardboard is here.

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