First Steps

It's time to start exploring LittleBigPlanet! Your first stop - the King's Garden. Once you have set your first cushy foot on the ground, start heading to the right to meet His Majesty. According to the stately King, he and his wife (the Queen) created these lovely gardens and everything in them. With a happy nod of his head, he sends you on your way. Kick off the adventure by heading down the path.


[edit] Rewards List


  • Rainbow Shoe
  • Round Blue Body
  • Henry Face


  • Elizabethan Trousers
  • Elizabethan Doublet
  • White Ruff
  • Fancy Mustache
  • Bonnet
  • Elizabethan Hat
  • Elizabethan Dress

PlayStation Eye Features

  • Circle Frame
  • Body-Outline Frame
  • Photo Frame
  • Speech Bubble Frame
  • Black and White Photo Frame
  • Red Star Frame
  • Square Frame

[edit] Level Completed Gifts


  • Big Kiss
  • Bunny Ears

[edit] Collected All Gifts


  • The Gardens Concept


  • The Gardens Concept with Frame

[edit] Aced Level Gifts


  • Pirate Hook
  • Pirate Eye Patch

[edit] Walkthrough - First Run

While this may be the first stage of the game and not at all difficult, controlling Sackboy himself is a bit of a challenge for everyone, even for those experienced in platformers. Take care and learn the nuances of Sackboy's movement and jumping.

Spawn into the level and The King will greet you. To the right of the King is the No Entry sign. If you don't know yet, once you pass that sign, no more players may join you in the level. So wait if you have to! Keep going right passing some birds and you'll reach the first checkpoint.

Dumpty will now greet you, asking for your jumping skills. Run up the ramp and jump on the brick wall. The cardboard shoe trigger is here. You can't use it yet though so keep going. Another checkpoint is here.

Keep going right to a ramp and jump on the mushroom ramp and once more onto another brick wall. You will reach another checkpoint.

You will arrive at Dumpty again, explaining point bubbles. Grab the bubbles and knock over Dumpty for a few more. Continue towards the next checkpoint.

A bird prop will explain changing horizontal planes automatically while jumping. Jump up to the highest hill and continue right for another bird prop. This one tells you to press the Action Button (X) while holding downwards on the analog stick. This will move Sackboy towards you on-screen. Doing the same action while holding up on the analog stick will also change Sackboy's plane. Go for the next checkpoint.

Jump across some mounds while grabbing point bubbles and run up a hill for the next checkpoint.

Your first lethal challenge! A revolving spoke is moving clockwise and there are point bubbles. Jump on a spoke and orient yourself towards 11 o'clock or 12 o'clock and grab bubbles. If you're at 1 o'clock or further, you're in danger and you'll have to jump to safety or face death. Consider also jumping off a spoke at 11 o'clock for a safer jump into a section rising towards you. When you're done, head to the right for another checkpoint.

Dumpty presents you with your first Sackboy and Sackgirl clothing and other wearables! Any collectible out there is in a score bubble so make sure to run into them in succession to earn a multiplier. Dress up your Sackboy or Sackgirl in...peasant's clothes (personally, that free DLC is better than any of the early stuff at this point) and go right. More bubbles for you and another checkpoint.

Keep right and--oh no! The bridge has fallen! Watch the tutorial for suicide...which you probably will never, ever do. Well, you won't suicide when you're playing alone. The game presents this as if there will be BS situations ahead of you but this is not the case. Worry about this later and commit suicide anyway. You'll come up at a checkpoint that was past the bridge.

Move to the right for more bubbles and you'll meet The Queen. Grab the stickers and watch the tutorial. Place the appropriate stickers onto the cardboard pieces to the figure on the right. Please note that you don't HAVE to use proper orientation for sticker application. You only need to make the sticker FIT and make sure it's the CORRECT sticker. This is the only time where stickers are needed to proceed so don't worry. Applying stickers is meant to reward, not to progress. Run to the right for more point bubbles, enabling PlayStation Eye features, and the end of the level.

[edit] Walkthrough - Repeat Runs

[edit] Ace The Stage!

There are several ways to earn gifts when you complete the stage and one of the hardest methods is to complete the stage without losing a single life. This part is meant to help you with certain parts.

  • After 6th Checkpoint, The Rotating Spoke - Just take care here!
  • After 8th Checkpoint, The Falling Bridge - You MUST activate the race in this stage in order to Ace it. Near the beginning of the level is a cardboard piece for the Rainbow Shoe sticker. Start the race and when you reach the bridge, you'll see a prop bird hanging over it. Jump towards it while holding R1 and when you've gone over the bridge, let go of R1 and continue the stage like normal.

[edit] Switch Triggers

  • After 1st Checkpoint, The Brick Wall - Use the Rainbow Shoe sticker trigger on the cardboard here. A race pole will drop down to the right for you to start a race in the level. Unveiling the race pole doesn't exactly reward you with a prize bubble or anything but not only do you get a trophy for it, it's also the only way to Ace the stage properly. So, it's rewarding in a different way.

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