Character Customization

Character customization is key when playing LittleBigPlanet. Using the Popit Menu, you can customize many different features of your sackboy/girl, including the material of the cloth used, head, body, clothing, and more. In-depth descriptions can be seen below.

Note: Some special costumes can be found here.

    Material ~
    The material is the overall base color of your sackboy/girl. There are a variety of colors to choose from, including green, purple, default, a zebra pattern, and more.

    Head/Face ~
    Both the head and face can be chosen on your character. You choose the eyes, nose, mouth, and whatever accessory you'd like to see on your sackboy/girl's head. The categories of this section include hair, eyes, mustache, glasses, mouth, head, and hair. Changing hairstyles can be a good way to indicate whether your sackperson is male or female.

    Body ~
    The body section changes features on the torso and upper legs of the sackboy/girl. The categories for this section include clothes, feet, torso, neck, waist, hands, and legs.

    Player Color ~
    In the penultimate section, you can change the color of the Popit menu, which directly affects the color of the clothes that your sackboy/girl is wearing (the tint will change to match).

Example of the Popit Menu

    My Cosumtes ~
    In the My Costume section, you can find all the costumes you have saved. And at the top there are 4 different buttons, Random Costume which allows you to have a random collection of costume items, Save Costume, which will be put into the My Costumes section, Wash Clothes will remove all stickers from your costume and Reset Costume will turn you naked again.

    Downloadable Outfits ~
    (Available from the PlayStation Store.) You may purchase special outfits from the Playstation store, these are often called the Downloadable Content.
    Note: Each week there is one free outfit up for grabs.

    Custom Clothing ~
    Many players now use stickers on their clothes to color them, giving them a unique piece of clothing. Players also make outfits to resemble famous characters or people, such as The Joker or Sonic The Hedgehog.

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