Burning Forest

Fresh from the Swinging Safari, you have been given a new mission from Zola, The Savannah's Creator Curator. Your task is to find out what has been scaring his buffalo. If you can do this, then Zola can forgive you for the mishap at the beginning of the previous level.


[edit] Rewards List


  • Orange Stripy
  • Antlers


  • Attitude Face
  • Pigeon House
  • Crazy Eyes
  • Amazing Diamond


  • Shield 1
  • Cardboard Support
  • Dangly Motif
  • Tiger Nose
  • Bear Nose
  • Green Rope


  • Coco Wood
  • Mahogany Wood
  • Zebra Fabric


  • Big Snappy Croc
  • Large Red Vase
  • Buffalo Emitter
  • Croc King
  • Wooden Buffalo
  • Scary Ornament
  • Feathered Spiky


  • "Rock the Jungle"

[edit] Level Complete Gifts


  • Green Checked
  • Black and Pink Dress

[edit] Collected All Gifts


  • Big Cat Concept


  • Big cat Concept with Frame

[edit] Aced Level Gifts


  • Long Mustache

[edit] Walkthrough - First Run

Fire rages through the level and a fairly intimidating challenge appears very soon. Right when you spawn into the stage, immediately go above and to the left of the stage entry. Jump on the see-saw and proceed left for a Little Xim key and a prize bubble. Be very quick because that see-saw is prone to resetting back to its original position. Passing the No Entry point, make several jumps and swing over for the next checkpoint.

A fairly intimidating challenge here. You've got to ride on buffalo herds to proceed but because buffalo aren't, you know, flat, you can be prone to falling off. Anyway, the ideal spot to stand on the buffalo are their front shoulders. Ride the first set till you see some ground and first checkpoint and head right for three prizes. Pass the checkpoint.

With the next set, do not get off to get on the bridge. Proceed all the way left for some more prizes. You'll be coming back here later. To get back to the platform with the bridge, either traverse against the buffalo or commit suicide. I suggest the buffalo as you'll need the skill. Once you reach the bridge, you'll note a prize bubble looming up. You'll have to get on a buffalo coming over the incline to get enough momentum to reach it. Go up the bridge and pass another checkpoint.

More buffalo and you're traversing onto slightly bumpy land. If you're feeling gutsy, ignore the checkpoint and ride down the fast incline and grab onto the swinging fabric (it's not hard, really). Pass over the snapping croc and another checkpoint.

Hard part's over! Cross over many snapping crocs and another checkpoint.

There's a swinging fabric next to the monkey. Grab it and head left to the leftmost fabric and then grab the one higher still. Then go for ANOTHER that's even higher still and was out of sight and proceed right for prize bubbles. You should be able to plant an Antelope sticker for a prize and score bubbles. Get back onto that last fabric you reached this area and go left this time into more tree branches. Be careful as these branches can tip over. Go as far left as you can and when you reach where the croc eating the buffalo is, you're done. Return back to the monkey in front of the giant croc mouth and drop down. To the left under the monkey is a hidden prize. Pass the checkpoint.

Oh goody, your first enemies! Fortunately, they're more like armored Goombas and nothing terribly hard. Enemies have "brains" that are score bubbles protruding out of them. This is their weak point and you should aim for it, especially here as it's the only way to get a prize bubble over the two gawking back and forth here. The hanging fabrics lead to the two-player area and if you're feeling uneasy about the next spot, you can pass a free checkpoint in the two-player area. Anyway, proceed down, avoiding the snapping crocs. When you see the next set of hanging fabrics, head to the right first as a lone prize bubble is here for the taking. Take care not falling down as not only are there enemies but you'll need the leftmost one to reach a cardboard to use the Amazing Diamond sticker you acquired earlier in the level. Continue right for the checkpoint and the final stretch.

Before you head down with crocs on both sides surrounding you, head above the topmost right croc for a lone prize bubble. As you can see, touching the crocs won't kill you but getting into their teeth can (and if you're unlucky to get near them, you may evade death yet as potentially touching their mouths don't kill you). Meander down to two enemies and a checkpoint.

Simply swing over three more fabrics, making sure to hold onto the last one far enough to reach the last prize bubble and you've completed the stage.

[edit] Walkthrough - Repeat Runs

[edit] Ace the Stage!

  • The Buffalo, redux - Position yourself precisely on the buffalo. They aren't all jittery but they move enough to make your Sackboy move ever so slightly.
  • The Crocs - Unlike the monkeys from the previous area, the crocs are intent on killing you. Take care with those grabs.
  • The...enemies - They're like the Super Mario Brothers Goombas: only moving left and right, and made to be smashed upon. Although, to LBP's credit, they're just a tad bit challenging to hit with the physics and all. And Sackboy can't take hits or anything so be careful. Even the slow ones can be dangerous.

[edit] Switch Triggers

  • Past the first checkpoint, riding west with the buffalo - From the first checkpoint, ride the buffalo all the way to the left to plant a Cat Head sticker.
  • Past the fifth checkpoint, above the huge rock croc maw - Use the four swinging fabrics to get above the maw to plant an Antelope sticker.
  • To the left of checkpoint seven - After dropping into the first "pit" of crocs that surround you left and right, leave the leftmost enemy alive so that when you bop it on the brain, you are able to reach an area to the left to plant an Amazing Diamond sticker.

If you've properly managed to get every single prize bubble by yourself up to this point, including from Swinging Safari, you should only have to backtrack for the Cat Head cardboard.

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